How it Works

Home Community is a web based homeowner's association management app that provides multiple features to manage your communities. By moving the management of a community to a central location, your team, and the homeowners are able to communicate easier.

Home Community Features


Your home owners will submit requests through Home Community so you will never lose an email again. Trasfer tickets between departments and keep the home owner always informed.

Home Community tickets
Home Community properties map


Maintain a list of the properties in your community in a central location. Apply labels and upload files specifically to these properties so you instantly know about the property. View the map page to understand the layout of your community.

Document Library

Upload documents for home owners to reference. Stop responding to requests for the HOA charter or meeting minutes. Upload it in one spot and let the home owners use self service to get what they need. You can "sticky" documents to keep them at the top and easy to find.

Home Community documents
Home Community calendar


Share a calendar of your upcoming events. Include holiday events, board meetings and even HOA dues on your calendars so your home owners are informed.

Home owners can subscribe to the community calendar and have events automatically show up in their Calendar app, Gmail calendar, outlook, etc.

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