Property Billing

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We have recently released the ability to use to charge properties in your community. This can be recurring fees, or manually created invoices.

Invoices will automatically be created a few days before the recurring fees are due. As a community manager you can accept credit cards or U.S. bank accounts via Stripe. We will automatically attempt to capture payment if a payment method is setup.

Automated Labels

With the release of our billing platform, we have also added automatic labels. When a property has a payment method attached to it, the property wil automatically get a 'has-payment-method' label applied to it.

When using a bank account, the property owner needs to verify temporary deposits to make sure their routing number and account number were correct. While this is in progress, the property will have an 'verify-ach' label applied to it.

If there are any invoices that are overdue, and 'overdue-invoice' label is automatically applied. Once the invoice is paid or cancelled, the 'overdue-invoice' label is removed.

Aging Report

We understand it's important to track how old outstanding invoices are. With the launch of our property billing platform, we have included an aging report.